Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Tourists in Venice

I kind of enjoy people watching.  In my mind I am creating the story for the people I see.  I do it when I travel, I do it when I am on the subway train to and from work.  

Are the two guys in the top picture traveling together?  Do you think guy in the black shirt knows that he looks wonderful in those shorts?  In the bottom picture, is the young girl in the T-shirt and leggings seriously window shopping, or just marveling at the sights?  If the woman in the purple t-shirt comfortable?  Is she hoping there is someplace ahead to sit down?  

What do you think about when you sit and watch people? 


  1. usually I think "where are they going, what do they do for a living, what is taking them on their journey, and (sometimes) what dumbasses!"

  2. I love to people watch and wonder about what kind of people they might be, where they live where they're going, will I be arrested if I follow that guy in the shorts all the way back to his hotel and up to his room .... what was the question? =)

  3. I also love people watching and, yes, the guy in the shorts knows exactly how good they look on him.

  4. Excuse me...did you say something? I'm still marveling at the first photo.

  5. Anonymous1/03/2017

    I look at how people are dressed. How they look. Their hair. Their nails. Any jewelry? Are they rich? Fashionable? Poor? I try to figure out what they do with their lives. You can tell a lot about a person by how they dress, what they buy, how they speak.
    Were the two photos taken at about the same time? If so, the two men in shorts are misplaced. No one else is wearing shorts anywhere. If they really are in Venice, many churches wouldn't allow them to enter. Too disrespectful. But, I am looking at them through a different lens at a different angle.
    They're not tourists looking at the attractions.
    They're more like attractions looking for some tourists.

  6. What? I'm still on the guys ass..........

  7. What I think while observing the first photo is best not written out here.

  8. Randy in NEB1/04/2017

    I would be interested to find out if said guy in shorts in the top photo, is cut or uncut. I'm just curious if he's Yank or not!