Sunday, January 08, 2017

Back to the Sunday Five Questions

I had questioned, if I would continue the Sunday Five Questions, it is not always easy coming up with questions, and then this popped up on my Facebook feed.  Five simple questions - the alternate format is fun and kind of easy.  I will try this for a while longer.  

1: Cats or Dogs - probably Cats, though Blitz the wonder dog is working hard on opening my mind 

2: Tea or Coffee - Coffee - dark and strong. 

3: Sports or Music - Music 

4: Books or Movies - Books 

5: Sun or Rain -  Sun by a narrow margin 

And yours? 


  1. I love these Sunday questions!

    Cats or Dogs - Dogs. Have always been a dog person. I did have one cat. She was a complete mirror of myself.

    2: Tea or Coffee - Coffee. Like my men. Strong, dark and rich.

    3: Sports or Music - Music, hands down. I'm inly familiar with balls of a certain type. 

    4: Books of Movies - Movies. I'm am very visual. 

    5: Sun or Rain -  Sun!!!!! I love summer, my favorite season.... and the feel of the sun on my skin. 

  2. cats, coffee, music, books, sun.

  3. 1: Cats or Dogs - while I've enjoyed both, I go with dogs

    2: Tea or Coffee - don't be ludicrous there's a good fellow.

    3: Sports or Music - Music

    4: Books or Movies - Books

    5: Sun or Rain - Rain. I should live in the NW.

  4. Anonymous1/08/2017

    1. Cats. For some strange reason I can walk into a room and they sit on me.
    2. Neither. Hot water and a slice of lemon.
    3. Anne Marie's music.
    4. Movies. Watched Love and Friendship last night.
    5. Sun. Worshipper.

  5. 1. Well, both really, but currently have 3 cats. Even though I am allergic to them. I always was a stupid person! Lucky I keep a (darling) man around to do the messy stuff.
    2. Tea, except when I feel like coffee.
    3. Music, except when the cricket is on. Gotta watch Australia play in the Test cricket (and I feel darned sorry for you poor people who don't understand the beauty of the game that is cricket).
    4. Books.
    5. Sun, as a rule, although if we've had a drought for a few years...