Saturday, January 28, 2017

Creative Outlets

What is the purpose of art?   Why do we create it, why do we look at it?  Can the audience be a part of art? 

I enjoy museums, now if you visit one with me, be prepared, I move through at a steady pace, pausing occasionally.  If the guidebooks say allow 4 hours for a museum, I will be done and out in 2 hours or less.  I have only met one person faster than me - I had a hard time keeping pace with dear Jen. 

Art can tell a story.  One theory is that early art was a way of communicating in a pre-literate or illiterate society.  Art can transmit emotions, sadness, happiness, loss, triumph, concentration, devotion, distraction or loss.  Art can reflect reality, or be a total flight of fantasy.  Art can be representational.  Art can be nothing that anyone has ever seen, heard or felt. Art can be tiny, or massive. 

I have taken photographs since I was about 10.  I have painted on and off since my late teens - a neighbor Ester Miller taught me to paint.  She was such fun, she described herself as a successful widow, she had burred two husbands, the first one left her a massive farm, the second one a VW, Porsche, Audi dealership.  She had more money than god, and she lived very normally in a modest condo and drove a VW, usually Karmann Ghia.  I took a silver jewelry casting and construction class at Rollins College, I keep promising myself I will go back to working in metals.  

What is your art form? 


  1. Anonymous1/28/2017

    I went to art school. When I was a kid I went to Tate (the original one in London) and stood infront of a Van Gough. Although the place was busy that day, for a couple of minutes I was able to stand looking at it without any one else around me. It was actually very emotional. Thinking he'd stood and painted it, looking at it as I was. Me? I take a lot of photographs. Not sure but think I saw the Degas ballet dancer in Boston.

    1. Yes, Degas, the picture was taken in the National Gallery in DC, it may have been on load?

  2. knitting...2 sticks and a string = a scarf, a sweater, a blanket. one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated.

  3. art is itsself and very vital.