Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pushing Through the Tough Days

Ugg! It was a challenging day.  My collaborators on a couple of major projects are not collaborating.  The office bureaucracy is making it impossible to do anything the easy way.  A coworker who is doing the work of three people, is slamming projects through without thinking about others.  It was cold and humid outside - not my kind of weather.  

I was on the second endless conference calls this afternoon and was mindlessly web surfing while trying to pay attention, and I opened the link for the pictures of the last summer's trip to Italy.  Someplace about Venice, I felt the stress start to melt away.  Ah! How do I push through the tough days, by remembering the adventures that all of this makes possible. 


  1. la dolce vida.

    I knit; that gets rid of plenty of stress. as does a snifter of good booze (no rubbish). :-b

  2. Good move! I am so grateful to not have those kinds of tough days anymore. I didn't handle them well!