Monday, January 09, 2017

Traveling Solo

I am frequently a solo traveler.  Nearly all of my work trips are done alone, on the very rare occasion that one of my colleagues is attending the same meeting or conference, we almost always travel independently.  Jay and I travel together for leisure, though sometimes we end up on different flights, we have met up in Stuttgart, Athens, and London, having left home on different days and traveled entirely different routes. Because we work in two different cities, we travel back and forth solo to see one another.  I have family in Florida, and travel to see them every year - often solo.  

There are things I like about traveling solo - and there are things I don't. 

I like: 
  •  Being in control of the schedule and agenda
  • Not needing to wait for anyone
  • Only needing to check one person in for a flight and check luggage for one person
  • Only needing to keep track of myself and my luggage 
  • Being able to sit alone on planes or trains 
  • Being alone in hotel rooms 
I don't like: 
  • Eating dinner out alone  
  • Doing all of the problem solving solo 
  • Not having anyone to watch the bags for a few minutes while I take a walk in the airport or shop in the shops 
  • Not having anyone to share the adventure or wonders with 
What do you like about traveling solo? 


  1. Eating dinner out alone - solution is room service or delivery from restaurants if in a big city.

    Not having anyone to share the adventure or wonders with - agreed! the last solo trip I took was to montreal in 1991; had a good time, but at night there was no one to discuss the day.

    I second all your likes!

  2. I enjoy solo travel since I can come-n-go at my whim.

    Will be taking a long vacation in FLA in late March/early April...will likely fly to Jacksonville, visit bro and sis in Gainesville, go to nephew's wedding in St Pete, visit relocated friend in Sarasota...planning on mucho miles on the rental car!



  3. My likes are similar to yours. My dislikes, as well... except that I don't mind doing solo problem-solving (sometimes).

  4. David,
    For most of my life I have traveled solo. It's just the last few years that I'm traveling with my Canadian sidekick Pat and I have to tell you it is so much better on all levels. In fact I cannot think of any negatives except I am still having a hard time convincing him to go on a studio tour when we're in Hollywood once a year. And, by the way, I never did like eating alone but Pat has no problem with it. I like to discuss the day.

  5. Not having to sleep with the TV on or ever going.
    Rollling down grass hills in new and adventuresome cities.