Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Rant from an Old School Friend

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This appeared on Facebook recently posted by a High School Classmate that I have not seen in nearly 40 years.  Facebook has connected us in fun ways. 

"OMG. Why do so many people chose to stew in their own poison? I get so tired of the nasty negative attitudes of those who chose to be hateful and spew their mean spirited views. Life does not go our way all the time. It never has. Many have had a lot of things not go the way they want; no you can't make lemonade with all the lemons that life hands you. Some times you just have to eat a shit sandwich and get through it. The one truism is that you and only you can control how you will handle the situations in you life. You chose whether you will be angry and miserable or if you will chose to make changes when and where you can to be the best you can be and not live a miserable life. NO, we cannot all be "Polly Anna's" and smile all the time; YES we can get sad or angry or negative - but for short periods of time - just to work through the issue and get it out of our systems - then we need to turn our backs on the negative attitudes and work at improving our lives so that we do not forget to see the beauty and good things because we are so busy hating on things we cannot change."

Well said Mary - well said! I moved from where I graduated from high school four months after finishing.  I have not seen very many of my class in nearly 40 years.  There are a few I wish I had stayed in contact with.  

Have you stayed in contact with old school classmates? 


  1. I attended my 40th HS reunion not too long ago, but I only keep in touch with 2-3 of them on any regular basis.

    I also have 3-4 Catholic grade school buddies who I see quite often, including one guy I've known since we were both 4 years old.

    We have an annual reunion at Dewey Beach, called "Altar Boys Reunion."

    We used to sneak into church and nip on the sacramental wine, and I would play Beatles tunes on the pipe times!!! (though I guess we'll all burn in hell.)



  2. Anonymous1/25/2017

    Herbie Dunk. Yes he really is called that. He grew up to be a dentist. This may be where I went wrong financially.

  3. I do David and I am glad. I made lifelong friends with many of my former classmates from high school that I value to this day. My life would be less without them. One friend, since third grade I am talk to several times a week on FaceTime. I keep and maintain addresses of all my living classmates and we all stay in touch. I have thousands of photos of our class reunions that I share with them. My life is richer because of my former classmates who are still my friends. And no, I wasn't the class president or the captain of the football team. However, I was involved in many school activities such as band, chorus, yearbook staff and just being friendly. However, the one area I have a problem with now with the gay community that I live nearby in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I find this gay community very cliquish and non-inclusive. Ironic isn't it?

  4. thanks to FB I have gotten back in touch with some of them. I was never close to anyone in High School but a few I didn't think were close seem genuinely wanting to do so now.