Friday, January 06, 2017

My that is a Big One!

There are tall cities and short cities.  I work in Washington DC, a wonderful short city.  Not the only great world capital that is short, so is Paris, Rome, Athens, until the last 20 years London.  DC and Paris are short cities, as in cities filled with short buildings, by choice.  DC passed building limitations limiting the height of the building based on the width of the street right of way, as a way to preventing tall building from blocking the view of Washington Monument.  Paris had done something similar.  

Yet, I truly love big ones, tall buildings, cities with towering skylines - like New York, Philly, Chicago, and San Francisco.  

I read that if you want to draw a lot of page views, writing an enticing headline - I'll tell you in a few days if this one worked. 

So do you prefer tall cities or short cities?


  1. my city WAS short for many years...until the 80s. now we are tall.

    "My That Is A Big One!" - said the woman as john holmes dropped his undies.

  2. I like both kinds of cities. Coming from NYC (I love your photo) and then living in Washington DC for 3 years, the idea of limiting building height was novel to me; I loved the look of DC.

  3. Short n stubby - Practical & fulfilling without unnecessary show - works best for my daily living. Big and impressive I find is just all show, the ones who own them never really know what to do with all the excess.

  4. Your photo is of my most fav of lovely tall buildings, i have eaten up it, i have stood on the top of it, and i have seen some bloody lovely murals nside it

  5. I prefer whatever city my adorable little Poopsie is living in. (How many points did I score for that one?)

  6. David,
    As you know Philly also used to be a short city (no building could be taller than the Billy Penn statue atop City Hall) but in the 80's (when I worked there), the limitations were lifted and now Philly is one cool city. Unfortunately the tallest building is the Comcast building which is very ugly. But that is appropriate because it reflects Comcast's customer service policy.