Saturday, January 07, 2017

San Juan Memories

I did a project in San Juan, Puerto Rico, late March, early April about 9 years ago.  I left the frozen mid-west, with the trees weeks away from having leaves, and arrived in San Juan a few hours later to 75 degrees, and windy.  Very windy, a steady wind blew in off the water all of the time I was there.  My room at the Hilton had sliding glass doors onto a small balcony, I opened the door and the wind nearly blew me over.  I slept to the sound of the wind whistling in the windows. Yet it was warm.  

PR was an easy place for an American to travel to.  First, no passport, immigration or customs issues for US citizens, we forget that PR is part of the USA. I don't speak Spanish and found that little difficulty in communicating. The people were wonderful, the taxi drivers were kind and welcoming.  The food was tropical and tasty.  The local host for the program was the AARP state director.  They did an incredible job of planning and organizing.  The audience was warm and welcoming.  My only regret was that the trip was short, just two nights, and mostly work.  I would go back on a moments notice.  

What island would you like to wake up on tomorrow? 


  1. aruba or bermuda, 2 places I've never been.

  2. I wouldn't mind waking up on the Canaries or Ibiza since they're so close to home. Jerry and I spent our first holiday together in San Juan in 1981! Haven't been back since the late '80s, but loved it both times.

  3. I've never been to any tropical island, and Hawaii is one of the few states I've not been to, so I suppose, Hawaiian Islands.

  4. David,
    I've never been to any tropical islands either. Ironic since my first Tipton ancestor (Jonathan Tipton) emigrated to these shores (Baltimore County, Maryland) in 1692 from Jamaica after the huge earthquake devastated Port Royale on June 7, 1692, destroying his barrel stave making business. Puerto Rico is on my Bucket List of tropical islands to visit, even over Hawaii!