Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Travel Tuesday:Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis King of France on Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

Continuing with lots of photos and few words, today we tour the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis King of France
on Jackson Square, in New Orleans.  

I had seen this several times from the outside, but had never been inside. My free time in New Orleans was on a Sunday, I had to return after Mass, to see the inside, and of course to light a candle against the darkness of the world. 



  1. Beautiful. Wouldn’t you love to travel with your own half-shell pulpit?

  2. While i love the architecture of most churches, what goes on inside them sickens me. often wonder how much good could have been accomplished had they taken the money used to build these magnificent shrines to their egos and used it for the good of people.

  3. The carved wooden clamshell over the pulpit is interesting.

  4. I have never been inside either so thank you for the tour. It's beautiful, just as I would expect.

    1. I am glad I stopped to see the inside.

  5. I wonder how big is the parish and how active are they etc. So often lovely churches are mere museums these days.