Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Stay Cool

It has been a long hot summer here in the mid-Atlantic region, and it is only early July.  I deal with the heat, kind of like I deal with the cold, I stay inside with the climate control on.   How hot has it been, when I drive the convertible with the top down, I run the air conditioning.  

Getting wet is always an idea on a hot day.  When I was about 8 my father put an above ground pool in the backyard on the farm, a few years later we had a two acre pond dug in a swampy corner of the big wooded area - and the pool went onto a new home.  I have never owned a pool, when we were house shopping in Lexington, the REALTOR pulled up in front of one, I was thrilled, Jay vetoed the idea without getting out of the car.  The Condo has pools, I should go float around more often.  

I don't recall fountains like the one above when I was a child.  My mother would have been horrified that my clothes would get wet, and I would then sit on the seats in the car.  Mothers have changed, cars, like hot summers, are temporary things to be enjoyed.  

How's the weather around you? 


  1. like yours, hot & steamy with poor air quality. routine: air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned office. reverse for evening homegoing. don't wanna eat, can't sleep.

    those fountains developed over the past 10 years; low water usage and the water is recycled. and yes, you SHOULD use the condo pools; you are paying for them and it's good exercise.

  2. Hot here but not like you’re experiencing. And the summer heat in DC can be oppressive.

  3. I live in central Virginia, so it has been hot. I don't know how people survived before central air. I do enjoy the warm nights though. Enjoy the pool! Before you know it, it will be cold again.

  4. Lately it's been in the low seventies to low eighties here. That is strange for July. We moved to Livermore *gag* almost exactly 26 years ago. It was in the triple digits back then. Thought I was gonna die! It's a dry heat, big deal! Hot is hot! The past couple of years it's been a lot cooler. When we lived in a condo in San Diego, the kids and I lived in the pool :) They ended up with impetigo but that didn't stop us natural swimmers. Get healed, jump back in.

  5. When I was a kid, there were shallow "wading pools" for kids to play in. Today's sprinkler parks and fountains look like much more fun.