Friday, July 19, 2019

Rare Political Commentary

A former co-worker posted a comment on Facebook asking how I could have such a negative view of the current President.  I didn't respond to her.  There are others who from time to time question my comments or postings about "he who must not be named."  

I find it hard to believe that self described conservatives can support a man who is an admitted serial adulterer. A man who cheated on his wife while she was pregnant.  A man who tells lies.  A man who makes degrading comments about women based on their looks. A draft dodger. A braggart, whose insecurity drives him to boast that his is always the biggest and the best.  A man who lacks moral fiber. His senseless tweets.  

Those are the reasons I detest the man.   

The weather in DC was terrible on July 4th,  I told Jay that if "he who shall not be named" was struck by lightning, I'd convert to Catholicism.  Oh well, even God does not want to deal with American politics.  

Remember there is an election coming up, and not a minute to soon.  


  1. DAMN STR8 (or gay)! uh, that pix looks like the lehigh tunnel on the PA turnpike, amirite?

  2. And I don’t know how anyone with the slightest bit of humanity can NOT have a negative view of the current president. If we survive him, history will condemn him.

  3. Great post. I just don't get how people can support him. I have always been a Democrat myself, but I have never hated a Republican president until this one. The party of Lincoln has come to this. The thing that amazes me is that Republicans just seemingly look the other way as he continues and continues to do the things he does.

  4. Plus he's a racist and a fascist. That's what will destroy America if you don't do something about it, not his personal failings.

  5. I feel like we are seeing Hitler in the early years. (________ probably would be flattered by that comparison.) . It is very frightening.

  6. I am not optimistic