Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mid-Year Update

It is July already, time flies.  Time for an update. 

Much less travel this year, only 7 trips in the first six months. 28 hotel nights. I have trip coming up soon with a couple of weeks of hotel nights- part work, larger part pleasure, and a two city trip the end of August that will be 5 nights.  I will close the year with about 40 hotel nights.  

I have read 32 books, I am easily on pace for one a week for the year.  

We are getting started on some major updates to the condo, we have hired a contractor to replace Jay's bathroom, to henceforth be known as the Potty Palace. For what it is costing it better be a Palace when we are finished.  As much as paid for the last new car I bought.  When his is done, my bathroom needs updating, then the real challenge the kitchen needs replacing.  That may cost as much as my first house did.  When I look at appliances I end up projecting near $10,000 just on those.  No wonder my father put off the kitchen replacement - my mother died waiting.  

My brother-in-law is having a rough year.  He is having a kidney removed - overall he is not having fun.  

I have started an unofficial retirement countdown,  49 months and a few days left to go.

How is your year going?   


  1. My year is going fast!

  2. Sorry about your brother-in-law's health but hope all goes as well as it can. After the potty palace for Jay, you'll be able to install a piss pot for yourself. Pretty pathetic.

  3. my, such changes going on at your house! "potty palace" - hee hee hee!

    can't complain about this year; I'm still on this side of the grass, spouse needs his right hip replaced in the fall, still knitting, teaching myself how to crochet via youtube videos, currently reading a bio on mister rogers AND a history about FDR's last year in office. and I gave up on baseball already; my team sucks.

  4. Certainly not as good as yours. 32? wow! I struggle with one/month.