Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Brussels?

A few years ago I was planning a trip, I was going to be in England, I wanted to revisit Amsterdam, and I had decided to go to Normandy to see the D-Day sights.  I looked at taking a Ferry to Amsterdam, and it was overnight, in both directions.  I decided that a trip through the Chunnel, the channel tunnel would be fun.  At that time the Eurostar ran as far a Brussels, so I decided I would spend a couple of nights in Brussels.  Other than it being in Belgium, a country I had never been to, I knew nothing about Brussels.  

I booked a nice Hilton, just north of the pedestrian zone and across a square from a subway station and away I went.  The trip through the tunnel was delayed and then at low speed through the tunnel.  There has been electrical fire in the tunnel and power was not back to full strength.  

I had no idea what to do in Brussels. The hotel provided a map, I found something marked museum center, an easy subway ride.  Once there I stumbled across a large car museum - featuring European cars.  I had a wonderful wander around.  Had a nice lunch, strolled around the park, peaked in the art or history museum next door, and went back the hotel.  It was totally unplanned, and totally fun.  

The next day I walked into the train station and bought a seat on the the cheapest train to Amsterdam, leaving in 20 minutes.  The train seemed to stop every two miles.  It was great fun.  The college kids on the train kept going off between the cars to smoke, and each time they came back they were more and more wasted.  I don't know what they were smoking, but they really seemed to be enjoying it. I behaved myself, like I always do. It was a great experience in unplanned adventure.  

I ran across an interesting quote in a book the other day, "most are afraid of death, because they are afraid to really live."  Show no fear, go out and enjoy the next great adventure.  Like it or not, you are going to die some day.    


  1. The ride through the tunnel would slightly unnerve me, but I love the car museum! Unfortunately, unnecessary fear often impedes the pleasure of living.

  2. I've been through the Channel Tunnel and have really enjoyed it. Jerry hasn't got up the courage to do it (he's claustrophobic). I was very lucky both times I took the tunnel. No wait. No traffic. No delays. I haven't been to Brussels in a really long time. Had a ball when I was there.