Friday, December 09, 2016

One of my all time favorites

I started taking pictures when I was about 10. I received a Kodak Instamatic camera for Christmas that year, and my father had a simple darkroom set up in the garage.  At times in my life I have been very active as a photographer, at other times, not.  Digital photography has renewed my interest, being able to shoot hundreds of images and select only the ones I want to share.  I have something over 36,000 digital images on my computer.  Between the two houses there a a few thousand prints from the film era, and unless I tossed them in a moment of madness, several thousand black and white negatives.  There are some gems hidden in the negatives.  

Out of all of this there are a few dozen all time favorites, ones that I have printed and framed.  The image above is one of them.  This was taken on a mountain in Juneau Alaska.  I love the way the water is beaded up on the leaves.  There is a print of this hanging in my DC area condo.  

Where did you take your all time favorite photograph? 


  1. In this age of phone cameras....we seem to have lost the art of photography both n taking and exhibiting

  2. the lighthouse at cape hattaras, nc. the sun was hitting just right...I have the photo in my bedroom.

  3. It was taken "of" me, with Carlos, at the Southernmost Point in the US in Key West on what was our first week of dates.

  4. My best photo was of the Glade Greek Grist Mill, at Babcock State Park in southern West Virginia, which is probably the most photographed scene in WV.

    Also got some good Chesapeake Bay shots back in the old 35mm days, and some good ones at the National Colonial Farm.

    I always found that cold, sunny winter days produced great photos, probably due to lack of humidity in the air.



  5. Anonymous12/10/2016

    A few years ago I did a project which involved taking a photograph every day for a year. My favourite? The London Eye.

  6. This is avery good question. I don't take photos as there were those in my family who did that for us/me. This inspires me to blog about my favorite photos.