Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Rambling

I posted this picture on Facebook on Christmas day and received a stream of Merry Christmas comments, either no one noticed, or no one mention the joke hidden in the image.  Go ahead and take a moment to see if you can find what is really kind of strange in the image.  Yes, there is, a sheep wearing viking horns in the bottom left of the image.  He says he is a Nordic sheep.  The terrace gnome, and mini Zeppelin are nothing unusual.  

We had a quiet Christmas at home. I was off for three days, and didn't move the car.  I did hit the gym at least once each day.  It was nice to spend a couple of quiet days together with no agenda, the best Christmas gift, a gift of time with someone you love. 

I am working this week.  It gives the appearance that someone is working in my section.  Most of my colleagues are off.  It is also a quiet week when I can work on projects. 

DC is bracing for the inauguration.  Hotels are starting to sell out, for the event and for the protests.  It would be a good weekend to be out of town, but my office has decided we need to work.  I will likely telecommute that day.  

We will be home for New Year's.  I almost always am.  As an old friend of mine put it, New Years Eve is amateur hour for drunk drivers, people who don't normally drink and drive, try to on New Years Eve. It is a good evening to stay home, off the streets.   I will stay up late.

The weekend posts are already written and scheduled. With this I have made it through the year without missing a day.  I look forward to looking back as I create my annual state of the blog address for mid January.  

For next year, should I do a blog or more per day again?  Should I stick with the Sunday 5 questions for a second year? 


  1. for a minute there, I thought dr. spo was seated in your living room!

    it was just spouse and I and the cats for xmess and the same for new years. and I would keep the sunday questions - I look forward to that.

  2. Is that your board of directors silhouetted in the foreground?
    Yes, five questions, yes.

  3. Yes to the Sunday questions. I enjoy those. Blog as often as you feel like you have something to say. You send it--I read it!

  4. I very much enjoy 5 question sundays so my vote is yes.
    This is not influenced by the Russians

  5. Anonymous8/10/2017

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