Monday, December 19, 2016


As I mentioned, I was recently in Florida visiting family.  I had lived there for almost 20 years, thought it has now been 20 years since I left there.  All of that time, I seldom saw an alligator, it was only the last couple of years that I lived there that I figured out how to spot them.  Most of the time you see a bump, kind of like a rock sticking out of the water.  Most of the gator is below the surface. Only when the water is cool and the air warm do you find the entire gator out sunning them self, and  you won't see them out if the air is really warm. 

This one I found last Tuesday morning.  I was out for a little after breakfast walk, he was in a drainage pond next to parking lot at Cracker Barrel. Nasty water, you can see the oil streak on the water surface.  My guess is he is 2-3 years old, between 2.5 and 3 feet long.  Not big enough to hurt you, but he could nip a finger or two.  
If you want to see a gator in the wild, meet me in Florida some day, I can usually find them. 

What wild animal are you good at finding? 


  1. I have seen a few gators in FLA, one small one while canoeing with my sister, then saw a tarpon (I think?) jump out of the water in front of us, it was bigger than the gator!

    Have seen 4-5 black bears in the wild, caught a shrew when I was a kid, ruffed grouse and turkey on my WV property, even saw a 'hellbender' once while kayaking.

    If you're quiet you can sneak up on a lot of critters!



    1. I have seen bears three or four times on the Skyline Drive, quite a thrill.

  2. Little cuddly bunny rabbits.

  3. Skunks, around here? Yes skunks. Good at spotting those yes.