Wednesday, December 07, 2016


In American English, raisins are dried grapes, why label this product dried golden raisins? 

Police in Frankfort Kentucky recently charged an employee in a liquor distribution warehouse with stealing bottles from the distribution process and selling them from the trunk (boot) of his car.  Among the whiskeys found in the trunk of his car was Hibiki, a very fine single malt made in Japan that sells for up to $100 per bottle (and is worth every penny.)  The irony is that the majority of what he had in the trunk of his car was Maker's Mark - and not even their best.  Why steal mediocre stuff, when you have access to the best of the best?  How embarrassing to go to jail for Maker's - I won't even use it to cook with.  (I am a snob on such things.) Oh and the contents of the trunk, because it has been "outside of official distribution channels" will be destroyed after his conviction. The same fate awaits a couple of barrels of Pappy Van Winkle, that were stolen and recovered.  The retail value of a barrel of Pappy once it is bottled off, can easily exceed $40,000 - it will sadly go down the drain some day soon. 

I was deeply disappointed as a child to discover that comic books were not funny.  Why make it look like the funny pages in the newspaper, and then fill it with drama, stress and gore?  

I was recently surprised when I figured out that Star Trek and Star Wars are not related to one another.  Having not been an aficionado of either I hadn't paid that much attention and figured both had Star in the title and one was a brand extension of the other. They really should make these things clear.  

What irony of life comes to mind for you? 




  1. I'm still fixed on those "dried" raisins. But I always loved seeing signs and ads for genuine faux furs. I've always wanted a genuine fake; I wonder if it comes with papers.

  2. I find it ironic that people who depend on earned entitlement programs (SS, Medicare, etc.) continue to vote Republican.



    1. I agree! (Although here it's vote National). You can't vote for the party who is going to crack down on people on welfare, then complain they made you get a job!

  3. I want the Hibiki