Thursday, December 08, 2016

Growing Older Together

I went to see my sweet husband for Thanksgiving.  I laughed more in the first 24 hours than I had the previous month.  We get one another's jokes, we share a common language of sarcasm and whit.  We met for the first time about 25 years ago (you know you are getting older when you say things like that.)  Over the years we have grown closer, as we developed a deeper understanding of one another.  I know what he is sensitive about, the things that make him uncomfortable, sad, depressed or angry - the places we just don't go.  I suspect he knows mine, I don't know for sure, he never goes there.  We have shared many of our life's secrets - certainly not all of our secrets, but we have both listened with love and without judging as the other talked about the things we never talk about.  

We have shared one another's joys, I was there when J landed a tenure track job, and threw the party when tenure was approved.  I have been there for the delivery of two red dream cars.  J was there for me when I finished my BA (I was a late bloomer) and when I finished my JD, and was admitted to the Bar. We have flown and floated around the world together.  As we get older there is still more of the world to explore together.  

We can be a couple of odd Ducks, a couple of old Crabs, but he is my old crab and I am his, and we are very very happy with that.  

Who makes you laugh? 


  1. spouse and I are like you and sweet bear. after 25 years, you just "get" each other. no one else understands the humor between us.

  2. Carlos isn't a joke, funny, haha, person, but when he says something funny, it's high-larious because it's unexpected.

  3. And you are my everything, hunny-bunny...

  4. Same here David, same here. Isn't wonderful to discover that true love once the lust wear off? True love, the most beautiful part of life there is. Gives one purpose and a reason for living.

  5. what a lovely tribute to your hubby.