Friday, December 02, 2016

Lair - Liar

I love telling tall tales, playing lose and fast with the facts, making things up as I go along.  Kind of like the Donald when he claims that he won the popular vote if you take out all of the people who voted illegally - something he has said with nary a fact to back it up.  It can be fun to talk like that, but when I do, people figure it out, and then they don't trust anything I say.  Over my working life, especially once I moved into the professional side of the workplace, I learned that if I want to be respected, I have to hold back on the hyperbole.  It make me less fun, but it is essential to my being respected.  

So, how much stretching the truth can you do in your workplace? 

The picture above is the fermentation room at Wild Turkey in Lawerncburg, Kentucky. It had been 10-12 years since I had been to Wild Turkey, over that time they built an entirely new distillery and bottling plant. It is HUGE, with a capacity of about 11-million gallons per year - current production is about 6-million gallons per year.  That is a lot of bourbon and a fair amount of rye.  More on Wild Turkey Soon.  


  1. very little. in a small company, lies are spotted quickly; best to tell the truth, and let the shit hit the fan.

  2. So, how much stretching the truth can you do in your workplace? NEVER ask an academic that question...

  3. Thems who know me continually remonstrate about the 'tall tales' I put in my blog.