Thursday, December 22, 2016

So-Cal Pacific Coast

A few years ago Jay and I went to San Diego for a conference.  An old grad school classmate of his, picked us up one morning and took us just north of San Diego, out to see the coast for breakfast in a small town.  I don't remember the name of town, breakfast was good, but not a standout. For decades I didn't eat in the morning, but as I have grown older I have developed a love of going out for breakfast. I love a good eggs Benedict or well made omelet. A good breakfast out can easily be the best meal of the day.  

One of the things that stands out, was the number of exotic cars. Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini - all together in one small town - as we cruised around in a Prius.  We stopped at a point and walked out onto the rocks.  There were sea anemonies in the rocks, creatures I had only ever seen in aquariums before. There were seals on the beach.  It was a short morning, just 2-3 hours with an old friend, that created very fond memories, Thank you Teresa. 

What short encounter created fond memories for you?  (And yes, I know for some of you this could bring back memories of a different kind of encounter.)  


  1. Years ago I was walking up Bodega Head in Northern California and came across a Great Blue Heron standing in the tall grass about ten feet in front of me. We stared at each other for a long time and then he she?] simply flapped his or her wings and gracefully lifted off the ground with such an ease that I was instantly jealous.

  2. Solana Beach? Encinitas? Carlsbad? Oceanside? Cardiff? Del Mar?
    You are correct about the cars. They are now just background noise for me but when others visit who have any inclination toward cars I am quickly reminded how common exotics are here.
    Short encounter? It was a trip to Washington DC when I was a crossing guard for my school. At the Smithsonian for the first time in my life and we were given a generous hour on our own to discover whatever we wanted. (An hour mind you) being a yong man of my persuasion I wanted to see the Hope Diamond. While on my search I found myself standing in front of Rodin's Gates of Hell. This 12 year old stayed right there for every minute left of that hour. One amazing experience.
    OBTW, next time you are this way I'll take you for a good breakfast.

    1. I have a meeting and conference in Huntington Beach in November. I should come out a couple of days early and take the train down the coast. I have long wanted to take that ride.

  3. My life counts as such.