Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Santa

Dear Santa! 
I have been a good boy this year.  I have been honest, kind, trustworthy.  I have helped old men cross the street - even when they didn't want to cross the street. I haven't dishonored anyone, not challenged anyone to a duel, dueled or seconded - I don't know as that is important - but it is in the oath of office for Kentucky.  I have supported the finest Bourbon distillers by sampling and collecting their best.  

So what would I like for Christmas this year? 

  • I could really use a little more order in my life. Once things start to get messy, it kind of spills over.  A nice houseboy who could keep my bedroom in order would help. He really needs to be willing and able to clean floors and bathrooms.  
  • I am looking for inspiration for my traveling adventure next year.  My office travel budget is limited, we have not received an invitation for a conference in Europe this year, and frankly I don't have a clue what to do or where to go. It does my mind so much good to take a couple of weeks off and head off on a great adventure.  Help me find a sign, deliver one of us an invitation to an exciting venue, something that will inspire us.  
  • This might be a good year to have someone come visit us this year.  It has been a long time since we have hosted out of town guests for a few days.  DC is a fun place to show people around.  I promise to take a few days off from work.  Give someone else a nice conference in DC, so we can spend a few days showing them around town.  
  • It is going to be a year of transitions in DC, please keep me sane and grounded.  I can already see others running in circles looking up and crying-out, the sky is falling - the sky is falling.  Even if the sky is falling, remind me that I can't told it up single handed.  
  • It is also likely to be a year of transitions in my family. If you could slip an easy passage for those likely to leave us, and map forward for my siblings under the tree this year - it would make our lives better. Sprinkle in a whole lot of patience and understanding - we will need that.  
  • A winning lottery ticket, or a lucky pull on a slot machine would really come in handy.  I love my work and all, but I promise I would do the parts that are really important if a stocking stuffed with enough money to cut back my hours appeared under the tree.  

Thank you for being there for all of us good boys and girls.  I'll write again next year.  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 

So what do you want from Santa?  What does Santa want from me? 


  1. I LOVE that pix of you and sweet bear!

    go to aruba or bermuda or austria.

    mistress maddie might have a houseboy she can spare.

    I want santa to make hillary clinton president, since she won the popular vote.

  2. I always ask for World Peace.
    I'm still waiting.

  3. With all the transitions in DC, if you get sanity we'll know for sure there is a Santa then!!!! You two are adorable!

  4. My! I was so chubby back then... Let's see:
    point 1 - You will have me for those tasks in just 2 years.
    point 2 - When in doubt, Yorkshire.
    point 3 - I love guests.
    points 4 & 5 - Change bad.
    point 6 - I'd even let you keep the money.