Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2017 Christmas Letter

Our friendly bloggerhood shrink, Dr Spo, challenged us to write next year's Christmas or Holiday Letter now in 2016, and check on it regularly through the year, and see if we achieve what we project.  I have already written my 2017 goals email to run on New Years day.  So here is my attempt at next year's Christmas Letter.  

2017 was a fun and challenging year.  While no major trips were planned, it is hard to keep a traveling penguin home and four business trips and multiple trips to visit family were made.  Because of my parents failing health, I made several trips to Florida to check on them, and the begin settling their affairs.  While not pleasure trips, I did try to slip a little time in each trip to see old friends, revisit familiar stomping grounds and generally stop and smell the roses.  Life is to short, even if almost 90 years, to not enjoy the adventure along the way.  

In April I had a major conference in Boston.  It was a busy and hectic visit with a board meeting on one end and a major presentation on an emerging issue on the other.  I did manage to sneak away to visit Harvard Square, something I had never seen.  

The end of June I had a board meeting in Newport Rhode Island.  Jay went with me, for the first time to a NAELA board meeting.  

In November I had a board meeting and conference presentation in Huntington Beach, California, and I finally made good on my promise to add a personal day into a work trip.  It was great fun spending a couple of days exploring the Pacific coast just south of LA.  

Late this year, Jay received a retirement buy out contract from the University of Kentucky.  He has one more year to teach, then they will pay him for a year, then he is done.  We will be selling the house in Lexington late in 2018. I am also moving forward with plans to replace the kitchen in the condo, with plans to have it finished before Jay leaves UK a year from now.  

I have been saving up all year, and just splurged on something special for myself, I can't wait to see what it is.  

So what does your Christmas 2017 letter look like? 


  1. We have completed our house renovations. Such a relief and a joy.
    No horrid disasters from Mother Nature in 2017, thank goodness. That hideous flood in 2011 nearly did me in, so I'm glad we had no more in 2017, thanks, Mother! Also no more cyclones or bushfires. (It's fun living in Australia.)
    I was so happy that we had that big Lotto win, which meant we were able to take the luxury cruise to the UK to attend our nephew's wedding. Since my health precludes flying that far, a cruise was the only possibility. And the whole trip was fabulous. (Sigh...)
    And Christmas was the usual happy family get together on the boy's side, with my side getting together again on New Year's Eve. A couple more new babies to cheer up Auntie Rozzie and only one (expected) death from a very old, very poorly auntie.
    A good year.

    1. Hoping it all happens this year

  2. Here is hoping "just south of LA" included lunch with a certain Beard at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Nigel. It really is beautiful there.

    1. I am thinking about taking the train to San Diego and back, it reported to be a very scenic route. It would be November 13-14th, I need to be back in Huntington Beach on the evening of the 14th, for a board meeting on the 15th.

  3. What a fun idea. I love yours. Rozzie DEFINITELY has the right idea.

  4. Thank you for doing so; I have to do one now.
    alas your letter doesn't include visits from me!

  5. Anonymous8/10/2017

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us.