Monday, December 12, 2016

Spur of the Moment?

I am known for my detailed, far-far-far in advance planning of travel and adventures.  Then there was the trip to Greece a decade ago.  I kept putting off making a commitment. The office was a little in flux and I was unsure what was going to happen there. Finally I cornered the boss while she desperately waited for coffee to brew one morning and insisted on an answer.  She said, Go! we will find a way to resolve the questions in the office.  

So with less than 90 days to go, I made plans.  As I recall I cashed in 100,000 frequent flyer miles for a seat in coach, making it the equivalent of full fare in coach.  (That came in handy when I missed the last flight of the day on a connection coming home and made it home anyway that night.)  We booked a nice hotel and away we went.  I am so glad we went.  The job lasted a couple more years for me, and a decade longer for someone else.  If I had waited, we would have missed the opportunity to have fearless Kent as our tour guide and driver.  He took us to see things we never would have found on our own.  

How far ahead do you need to plan your adventures? 


  1. I don't tend to do trips like that last minute, but usually the tickets are purchased somewhere around a month in advance (often less). When someone tells me they're planning a visit to me and then they tell me they have their reservations a year and a half away, I pray I'm still living in the same place by the time they get here.

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  3. In today's case it was less than 24 hours, then O'Hare was shut down and I got moved to today. Flying on miles, in coach, only 12,500 of them, through your neck of the woods instead....Dulles. I'll wave! ...look for the United 737-900 around 2 pm, or the Dash-8 turboprop around 5 pm headed south to Roanoke.
    For a big trip like that? Give me a month.

  4. Good times! That was such a good trip (once I found how to get out of the Athens metro in the right direction.)

  5. Gads, given the heads-up I need to take time off from work (and arrange coverage) this is best done 6 months in advance.

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