Friday, August 26, 2016

Where was I last Year?

I interrupt this regularly scheduled posting, to announce that this blog has recently passed the 100,000 page view mark.  Thank you to my readers and viewers, I couldn't do that without you! I now return you to the regularly scheduled posting! 

I mentioned recently that I was copying my photo archive to a cloud server.  The data transfer took several days, there were nearly 100-gigabytes of images.  My first Windows desktop computer - just 20 years ago, had a whopping 1-gigabyte drive.  I am wondering if 1-terabyte is big enough on my next desktop.  

A couple of people commented on the cloud, kind of wondering what it is.  It is space on a server someplace that you can copy and store files on.  I can access those files from any web connection.  Can my files be stolen, yes, but it is just photographs and do I really care if someone uses one of them?  Can they be lost, yes, but I have lost files here at home to a hard drive failure.  My primary computer and my back-up server sit side by side, if the building collapses, I would lose both.  The offsite cloud back-up is the back-up to my back-up.  I went with a cloud server as part of a service I am likely to keep for a long time - if I quit paying - the files would go.  

So what does all of this have to do with where was I last year?  I get a daily pop-up on my phone with images taken on this date, going back as far as the digital files go.  Every day, I can see where I was last year,  the year before, the year before, I had one today from 11 years ago (I was a legal aid conference in the middle of no-where Kentucky- I miss the people - but I don't miss that venue.) 

So where were you last year?    


  1. right here; same house, same job, same spouse, same cats.

  2. Here. And I may have been wearing the same clothes.

  3. One year ago probably waking up with shoulder pain. Today sore from yesterday's post operative physical therapy on the shoulder.
    One year ago saving every penny to pay off the apartment building in Ft Lauderdale. Today enjoying that the building's paid off and using the income to renovate the beach condo in Ft Lauderdale.

  4. Same place after sending son off to college again, cleaning up/out the house, but this year I have two additional adults living with us so no empty nesting is happening. Waiting gleefully for FALL weather to arrive!

  5. I don't like iCloud just for the reason that it can be hacked. I don't like that Apple forces me to upload my information to iCloud, especially some photos which I do not wish to be hacked. I just heard today that Leslie Jone's, the black actress is being viciously trolled now by The Haters because she dared to appear in the new Ghost Busters' movie, had her personal photos hacked from her iCloud account. We live in a dangerous time in which privacy is not safe.

  6. Unless I am mistaken, I was with you. I also believe I took that photo. That was a happy time...

    1. Yes Dear and many more to come

  7. I looked it up. I was in Stratford Ontario, seeing the shows. Thank goodness for my journals.