Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Riding the New York Subway 
I have a couple of professional licenses, one of which I need to maintain as active for my current employment, and one that I have not used since June of 1995 - but keep renewing.  

I have had a real estate license in Florida since 1978, I have had a brokers license in Florida since 1980.  I made a living with it doing sales and marketing for home builders for 15 years, 3 or 4 of those years I made an exceptionally good living. 

I keep renewing that license.  It costs me less than $100 every other year to do the continuing education and pay the fee. If I wanted to, I could activate the license online and in minutes be legally able to receive a fee. If I fail to renew it, or ask them to cancel it, and ever want to have it back, I have to start the entire licensing process over again repeating the course work, exams, background checks, and post licensure education, for the brokers license there is a minimum experience requirement between the associates license and brokers licence. It would be costly and time consuming.  So on the off chance that an opportunity to fast easy money might come along, or I might somehow find myself in Florida trying to figure out how to fill my time, I keep renewing it. 

Yet, I know there is little if any chance that I will ever return to Florida.  I have fond memories of Florida, but I would find it a difficult adjustment after 21 years living back north. In many ways the 10 years I spent getting a BA in Florida were some of the most fun years of my life.  The license is kind of a part of me, a part of my old identity.   

So the conundrum, how long do I keep renewing? I have two more years to think about it, I just renewed through the end of September 2018.     


  1. Never let go of a Real Estate license. They are too easy to keep.

  2. I held onto my licenses for MI and IL for quite some time but they are frightfully expensive so I finally let go of them.

  3. I third Fearsome.