Friday, August 19, 2016

Peaking under the surrface

Grand Staircase in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York 

Underside of the stairs 
When we were in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York last week, J pointed out the grand staircase, saying it was a landmark within the landmark.  We walked past it and into a small gallery, a gallery tucked into the space under the stairs.  I looked up and realized that I was looking at the underside of the granite stairs. While the top side of the stairs is all smooth and polished, the underside is rough, raw natural stone.  

When you get a chance look under the surface, you see what things are made of.  A lot of buildings and a lot of people are smooth and polished on the one side and rough, raw and natural on the other side.  

Which side do you show to the public most days?  Do you ever let your "underside" show? 


  1. only certain people have seen my "underside". my exterior is "philly tough bitch".

    1. You must have shown me your underside that day we met but I knew that cause I've read your blog. 😉

    2. and THAT is because I trusted you! if I don't trust someone, I don't give them the chance to use me like a doormat.

  2. I try to be plain ole me but old habits bring out that insecure facade once in a while.

  3. I've been there several times and never seen the underside! Very cool.
    Now, as for my own underside, I do show it, sometimes, though most often I shield it out of a sense of shyness.
    Yes, I have a loud mouth and am full of opinions, but I am also quite shy.

  4. very few see my underside, but you see it a lot Sweetie.