Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Head in the Clouds

I try not to walk around with my head in the clouds.  I need to stay grounded to keep all of the cats moving forward.  But I have started to move all of my music and pictures to the cloud.  I get cloud drive space from three or four different sources - a benefit of services I am already paying for.  I have resisted moving to the cloud, and will, at least for the time being keep a copy of everything here at home. The advantages of moving to cloud storage, is having everything in one place, all 39,000 digital photographs, all 3,000 songs, all in one place, and accessible from anyplace.  I didn't realize how much content I had, about 100-gigabytes - and that does not include the 3,500 word documents - they are not going skyward. This also creates an offsite back-up, I have redundant drives at home, but if home were wiped out, that redundancy would just be a redundancy of loss.  My phone backs up to the cloud anytime I have a WiFi connection, my digital camera can be set to do the same. I had a memory card go bad in a phone one time, just after returning from two weeks in Europe, I lost pictures that can not be replaced.  Having online back ups while traveling would have prevented that.  

So I will let you know how this works. It is taking a lot longer to upload than I thought it would, I about 50 hours into the upload and still have about 20-gigs left to move.  It is a brave new world.  Technology has come so far in the past 20 years. 
Are you storing in the cloud?    


  1. nope, I have nothing I wanna keep for eternity.

  2. I don't know what is the cloud exactly. I need to understand it.

  3. I echo Spo's concerns, I too don't know exactly what the Cloud is and I need to understand it. What I do understand is that it is an additional cost and will put all my files and photos at vulnerability to be hacked. The standard excuse "Oh, we're sorry your files were hacked" doesn't fly with me. I'll keep everything here on my external drives thank you.

  4. My MacBook, iPad, iPad Pro & iPhone all automatically backup to the iCloud nightly when connected to wifi. It's way excellent cause everything that is on one is accessible from the other through the cloud. I love it. I've lost a MacBook hard drive to failure before and all we had to do was replace it with a new one and the iCloud had everything on it to download to my new hard drive, I lost nothing. If I get a new MacBook, iPad or iPhone they automatically become my old one through the cloud with all data, contacts ...everything.