Sunday, August 28, 2016

Technology Questions

How about a picture of a place that has not changed much in 100 years, to lead off my Sunday Five, with five questions on technology. 

1: A recent study found that if forced to give up something to keep  a smart phone, 38% said they would rather give up sex than their smart phone.  So - your phone or your sex life? 
2: You know how Facebook has added new "reaction" buttons, now it is not just like, but, love, laugh, angry, crying, shocked.  Still no really negative ones, if you could add one of the following which would it be: a) dislike b)You Idiot or c)You need help?
3: Desktop or laptop, which do you prefer to use? 
4: Do you use electronic boarding passes, or print them out? 
5: GPS or printed maps? 

My answers: 
1: So - your phone or your sex life?  - I'd give up my phone  - it just annoys me most of the time. 
2:  Facebook would you add  a) dislike b)You Idiot or c)You need help? B=You Idiot 
3: Desktop or laptop, which do you prefer to use? Desktop 
4: Do you use electronic boarding passes, or print them out? Paper - I am forever bumping the wrong spot on the screen at the wrong time.  
5: GPS or printed maps? GPS most of the time. 


  1. 1: I don't have a smart phone and I have no sex life
    2: I don't have a facebork account
    3: I use a desktop at work, a laptop at home
    4: I don't fly
    5: printed maps - ALWAYS

  2. I'm a Luddite, so ....
    1. I have no smart phone so, I guess I'd give up not having one. Whatever, I'll keep the sex life over a phone any day.
    2. I'm leaning toward 'You Need Help.'
    3. We have one computer, a desktop.
    4. Luddite; we use paper.
    5. Again, sigh, Luddite, printed maps.

  3. 1) I'd get rid of the phone, sorry Verizon but you just don't satisfy that need.
    2) I am not on Facebook. I signed up for AOL in 1994, got a blog in 2014 so maybe around 2034?
    3) I use my iPad for everything. The MacBook get used about once a week. I haven't had a desktop in 20 years.
    4) Paper tickets are preferred although I will use my iPhone for tix about 50% of the time now so I'm moving that direction.
    5) Paper maps are way better. When I use the GPS to get there I can't get back home without the GPS. In other words with maps I learn.

    1. No desk top for 10 years....10 years. I need to proof these responses.

  4. 1. I keep looking for a good excuse to rid myself of the phone, but as a doctor I have to keep one going for work.
    2. I like the notion of a button that conveys acknowledgment of the contents but no thank you this isn't for me.
    3. I use my laptop as I can sit in the comfy chair, away from Someone's TV.
    4. Whatever Someone does - he is Travel-master.
    5. I used to be skilled in maps, aka Map=master. Alas no more.