Monday, August 29, 2016

Random Observations From The Office

The deli in the lower lobby of my building was training a new person on the sandwich line last week, my turkey and swiss on whole wheat with mayo and pickles, was missing the swiss.  The manager really needs to hire staff with a firm grasp of English or working hearing aids.  

One of my dear co-workers came into my office and closed the door and uttered those most dreaded of words, "I wanted to tell you personally" - my first thought was oh-my-god-we-are-losing-her.  Instead she told me she has decided to spawn again, that explains why she has looked a little "green-around-the-gills" for the past three months.  We will lose her for 2-3 months early next year.  I still don't understand children, why does anyone do that?  I am pretty sure she knows what causes it.  Oh well, if it makes her happy.  

My project budget is in the process of being renegotiated with the funder.  The funding has been cut, and cut and cut and the final indignity - they zeroed out my travel budget.  I can sell my time to other projects, but losing my travel budget - it is a good thing I am not close to retirement age that might have been the last straw.  



  1. While I understand the species need to reproduce enough to keep it from dying out, I didn't get the reproduction gene for never in my lifetime have I ever had a desire to reproduce. I don't fully understand with such an ever increasing massive population that the gene remains strong in those who have it. It seems it should have an automatic kill switch before the planet cannot handle any more.

  2. Tomorrow I enter that space in which you spend so much time, an airport. Philadelphia International this time, destination Buffalo, New York. Personal travel budget. Costs too much to fly directly to Toronto. A cute guy will pick me up in Buffalo. Neither one of us has spawned .

  3. I second fearsome beard. I NEVER had the desire to spawn and I NEVER wanted the 24/7/365/18+ responsibility that comes with crotchfruit. some days I can barely take care of myself.

  4. a last straw indeed !