Monday, August 22, 2016

I used to think

Spo recently posted a list of things he once thought were true, that he no longer believes are true followed by Ron in Delaware.  Here is a list of ten things I once thought were true, that I no longer believe. 

  1. Working for psychopaths was worth it, as long as they paid me well.  
  2. That I had to live my life to satisfy others.    
  3. That I had to be thin, to be happy.  
  4. Money was the source of happiness.  
  5. That great leaders were perfect.
  6. That if I worked hard enough, I would always be successful. 
  7. That Richard Nixon was just misunderstood. 
  8. That all doctors were quacks. 
  9. That I was a simple person. 
  10. That if I quit running, I would get fat - well maybe I was right on that one. 


  1. It's amazing how our mode of thinking changes as we get older (not that we're old, of course...). Experience puts things in a new perspective.

  2. Anonymous8/22/2016

    I particularly like your 10. I have an 11. of my own. When I was growing up gay I used to think I was a freak. I don't any more.

    1. you are a MARVELOUS human being, JP; NEVER forget that! :)

  3. Your number 7 had me spitting out my morning coffee!

  4. David,
    Fabulous list! Number 2 is of particular interest to me. I used to have a friend (now departed) who thought the same thing, to be happy he had to be thin. We were best friends, same height but he was always heavy. At one point in his life he almost starved himself to death (the Atkins Diet) to get as thin as me (he told me). Guess what? He was miserable. He got thin all right but he didn't look right because his body shape was different from mine. He found out that the magic elixir of happiness didn't happen just because he got thin. He went began eating again and went back to his regular weight and looked his normal self, which was fine. He was just a big guy, not obese. And he found great happiness because he had a good soul. Every one liked him for his personality, not his weight.
    Great list David!

  5. I apologize I have not gotten to this sooner.
    I enjoy reading you entries.