Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Political Posting

I don't get it, I know five people who are planning to vote for Donald Trump, one is retired and the other four are unemployed and three of them do not have health insurance.  All of them are benefiting more from government programs and services than they are contributing.  All of them would be worse off with smaller government - none would benefit from lower taxes - because none of them earn enough money to owe any taxes.

All of them rant about the evils of Obama care.  The bottom line is they are disappointed that health care reform didn't result in them having health insurance coverage.  They want to repeal the affordable care act - doing so won't result in them gaining health insurance coverage.  What they really wanted, was free health coverage, universal health care, a national health care program.  Two of the three have significant health issues, they really need coverage. If they have a life threatening illness - they get treated and billed for care, bills they will likely never pay .  If an illness is not life threatening, they only get the care they can pay for out of pocket.

One is constantly being told by her doctor that if she will pay for $5,000 in tests, he can likely treat her more effectively, her illness is not life threatening, and she can't pay, so she gets narcotics instead of diagnosis and treatment.  Her lack of insurance is resulting in bad-medical care for a chronic and painful condition that no one is really sure of the cause of.  She is so fucked up from the pain pills that she can't hold a job long enough to get insurance and a proper diagnosis.  And she is one of the most vocal in her opposition to evils of Obama care, and Hilary.  Maybe the drugs have clouded her mind so much that she can't realize that she is voting against her own best interest.  All of them need to look at, and think about the hate and bigotry they intend to vote in favor of.


  1. Alas, for these people.

  2. What do they not understand about what they don't understand? I would be dead without the medical care I receive.

  3. I think oft times opposition to Obama care is just thinly-veiled racism...

    ...and rabid opposition to Hillary is castration anxiety!



  4. It's mind-boggling. And it's impossible to reason with Trump supporters. The majority of his backing comes from the people he has hurt and would hurt the most... well, except for the minorities he shamelessly attacks.

  5. Amen! I have already voluntered to help the Hillary cause in my community. I see Trump signs popping up and the only thing I can figure is these folks think things will improve for them personally and don't think about the nation as a whole. So selfish.

  6. I haven't met them but they sound small and closed minded. Poor souls only hurting themselves and that's what's so confusing. I do have to agree with WARPed about the racism thing.
    I love that photo as I love that particular memorial.

  7. Anonymous8/03/2016

    You need to educate your friends, as well as yourself. Not write ill (no pun intended) of them in your post. ALL of them qualify for MEDICAID!!!! Which is perfectly free. Regardless of the ACA. If they don't have health insurance they have to pay a penalty of upwards of $700 a year and rising!
    Ignorance is bliss. But not in your case.
    When Trump is elected he will make health care cost effective by breaking down state lines. In other words, you can buy health care coverage from anywhere in the US and it will be good in every state. That competition will bring the costs down.
    You do know that Aetna and United Health Care have dropped out of the ACA program, right? For them to stay inside Obamacare, they would have gone bankrupt. Just like my new ACA health insurance company did in November 2014......just 11 months into the new Obamacare health system, they went bust. Hubby and I had to scramble to new health care coverage.

    1. Anonymous8/03/2016

      Why is ^ Cindi ^ from the blog Thrifty and Sixty posting as "Anonymous"? Whenever somebody comments on her blog as Anonymous she informs them about her expensive software which allows her to track their exact location. Usually threatens to sue them as well.

  8. Medicaid is not that easy to get! I work with many caregivers who make $10-12 an hour and now can get affordable helth care- yes! They never qualified for Medicaid and couldn't afford health insurance without subsidies. One woman I know saw a doctor for the first time in years. As she told me, buying her kids shoes was more important financially than seeing a doctor when well. Thank you, Democratic party.