Saturday, August 27, 2016

Birthdays Past

As Bill Clinton put it, I have more yesterdays, than tomorrows - with luck I have a few more good years to go.  I have lost track of birthdays, they just keep happening, at this point having birthdays beats the alternative.  Nearly 50 years ago, the Schwinn above was a birthday present from my parents.  Funny, I was try to remember birthday presents past.  There is a sweater my sweet bear gave me about 25 years ago, and the funny sign from Germany from last year, and the bike (I still have those three.)  I can't remember any others.  All of the fuss that goes into finding just the right gift or at least finding something, and can we remember the gift even a year later? 

What is your most memorable birthday gift?    


  1. Anonymous8/27/2016

    My most memorable birthday gift was an unexpected one, and the gift giver did not even know it was my birthday.

    I was involved in a long distance relationship. Out of the blue I received a long distance phone call, on my birthday, from a young lady who informed me that not only was she also in a relationship with the same fella, but she was pregnant by him. I felt no animosity toward her because she was young and now in trouble being that she was pregnant. He didn't stay with her and I believe she had and raised the baby all by herself.

    The unexpected phone call was exactly what I needed to re-evaluate things, not only with that immediately-ended relationship, but about life in general.

    Betcha you weren't expecting that kind of response - haha! But that phone call was definitely the best birthday gift I ever received.

    ~ F

  2. don't think I have ever been given a "memorable birthday gift".

  3. A few years ago my radio in my car died. Shortly before my birthday a friend asked if she could borrow my car because hers was in the shop.
    When she returned it to me it had a brand new stereo system in it that my friends had all chipped in for.
    I liked that one because it was so unexpected.

  4. Anonymous8/27/2016

    This is going to sound weird but the most memorable gift was actually a greetings card. It was made by someone dear to me. A lot of thought went into it. I still have it after all these years.

  5. I think, strangely enough, that we've given so much cool stuff to one another over all the years, we kinda blank out on individual items. That's what happens when two people try to give each other all they've ever wanted...

  6. Happy birthday
    The most memorable birthday gift I had was a surprise party given on my grandfather's boat as we floated through the Erie Canal. I can still imagine the balloons.

  7. That's an easy one, I have never received a birthday gift in my life. The past few years I have been giving myself a birthday gift, a week in my favorite city (Philadelphia) with my favorite travel buddy. This year, since my birthday is the day after Election Day, my gift will be the election of Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.