Saturday, March 12, 2016

No Rubbish

The last time we were in London, Duncan and Stephen took us out for a proper afternoon high tea, no rubbish.  They had called ahead and made reservations at a tony boutique hotel.  They were ready for us, with a table surrounded by comfy chairs in a small conservatory overlooking the inner garden.

I was surprised by the selection of teas, there was a full page menu of choices.  No problem, each of us could order something different.  There were finger sandwiches, tiny pastries, and delightful cakes.  If you remarked that something was good, another tray of it arrived a couple of minutes later.  The tea, food and service were perfect.  It was pricy, but no rubbish, very very pleasant.


  1. no rubbish - life is too short for rubbish ANYTHING!

  2. I have to admit I have been called trash, but not rubbish. Thank goodness!

  3. Anonymous3/12/2016

    It's kind of a tradition here. I had one recently at a hotel outside London called Langshott Manor. It was mind blowing.

  4. I can not imagine a more pleasant past time than proper tea with a fine sleuth like the one in the photograph. I look forward to a proper cup with you and yours.