Monday, March 21, 2016

Dream Ride

Way back in the 1960's there was a stupid sitcom where the next door neighbor was an older man who had one a Nobel Prize for something, and used the prize money to buy a Roll Royce.  I fell in love, still an unrequited love, I have yet to ride in a Rolls or Bentley.

I'd have to have a silly amount of money to own one, they are expensive to buy and very expensive to maintain.  You can buy and old one for an affordable price, but parts and labor are outrageous - a man who owned one spent an hour describing the $5,000 brake job. (That is not a typo, the brake pads were $2,000 - and his needed work on the pump system.)  He traded it on a Jeep when the brakes were stopping again.

But I would love to ride in one.  


  1. Gorgeous, but I'd be afraid to drive it - and I sure as hell couldn't afford it. I've ridden in several Rolls Royces when I lived in Calif. My best friend's father had one.

  2. I would not mind a ride in either car, as long as it belonged to someone else.