Thursday, March 03, 2016

My Odd Collection

It started innocently enough, I was leaving a hotel in western Kentucky, the housekeepers had banged on the door before 8:30 AM and I had hung out the do-not-disturb sign.  I was leaving the room, just on time for my program that morning, the door closer was  pushing against me, almost stronger than me, I was outside the room, with the door slammed shut behind me, and there was the do-not-disturb sign.  I grabbed it, stuck it in the outside pocket of my suitcase and headed for the car.  The first of a large collection of such signs.

Everyone should collect something that triggers memories and connects them with the great adventures in their life.  I have a collection of odd artifacts, well probably more than one collection, but one that is unusual is do-not-disturb signs.

I spend a lot of time in hotels, over 40 nights last year.  Increasingly hotels are nearly indistinguishable from one another.  But some stand out, the perfect location, a unique space, outstanding service.  Most of the brand names use stock signs that are the same in Boston and San Francisco.  But some are unique.

The Steignberger in Stuttgart  last summer had several signs to chose from, including the one above to warn the housekeeper that your dog was in the room.  I have never seen that one before. I like the ones that ask housekeeping to clean the room - though they don't seem to work at home.  Some are for special events.  I only grab them if they are different from what I have.  I won't say how many I have, but it is enough to be a collection.


  1. I collect shot glasses; I have over 300 of them.

  2. Well at least this collection doesn't take up much space, right?
    Where is the Beware the Bear sign? lol

  3. I suppose hotel rooms can't really do too much to make themselves different.