Sunday, March 13, 2016

Foursome Meme

Dr Spo gave me inspiration for a meme entry….
Four names I go by:  David, Poopsie (you better be married to me if you try that one,) Bun, DG

Four tunes I adore: Fours Seasons, Last Mango in Paris, Paris without you, Evergreen. 
Four things I hate: Cold weather, Trump, Cruize, Rubio
Four places I have worked: Godfrey Honey Farm, Centex Homes, McAplins department home, Access to Justice Foundation. 
Four things I love to watch: Top Gear, airplanes taking off, the ocean, sun-sets 
Four places I have visited: Hawaii, Greece, Alaska, Puerto Rico (farthest west, east, north, south.) 
Four things I love to eat: Cheese, Scallops, Cashews, Filet Mignon, 
Four favorite drinks: Bourbon (no rubbish), Single Malt (no rubbish,) Coke-Zero (rubbish,) Water
Four shows/plays: South Pacific, ?, ?, ?, sorry not my category.  
Four things I am happily anticipating:  Italy this summer, NALC 2016, Dropping another 25 pounds, being debt free.  
Four things I am dreading: Retirement, the next dentist appointment (all of them,)  the Presidential election, a phone call from my sister in Florida. 
Four items on my bucket list:  Ballon Ride, long distance train trip, visiting the last two states, crossing the Atlantic by ship. 
Four people I think will respond: Ron, John Gray, Anne Marie, Fearsome

I am the little one

Now it is your turn.  Copy and paste the meme and put in your own answers.


  1. cute wee penguin; you have not changed a bit!

    I like to eat those things too (minus the filet mignon).

    california, italy, canada, miami (farthest west, east, north, south)

    1. Finally scanned this picture, it is my father's favorite.

  2. Its late but i will responf dearheart x

  3. Great! Such a neat way to learn more about bloggers!


  4. Please come visit and we will have some no-rubbish whisky and I promise not to call you Poopsie.