Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The First Virgin

Sir Richard Branson has opened the first Virgin Hotel in Chicago.  They are in a freshly renovated Art-Deco building just south of the River and only a couple of blocks west of Michigan Avenue.  The next time I have a choice of hotels in Chicago, I will try to get in.  The lobby is small and wonderfully decorated.  Loloapoloza was in town, so the place was crawling with music types.

That neighborhood in Chicago is home to all of the major hotel brands and several smaller boutique hotels. I have stayed at both, the small and quirky places can be great fun.  I seem to end up in Chicago at least once a year for something.  If I go to both of them I have two conferences in Chicago next May.


  1. when we visit chicago, we stay in the river north section.

  2. Ive flown over the atlantic around a dozen times
    The best service i have ever had was from virgin

  3. I've been there twice. Once for a week of shooting video for the Army, the second for a day with friends while on the way to a conference in Iowa. That was more fun. Locals are the best tour guides!

    I really enjoyed the city both times.

    Peace <3