Sunday, August 02, 2015

I'm Back!

Oh, that is right, I didn't tell you I was gone.  I have been in Chicago for work for three days.  I love Chicago, it's Midwestern honesty, diversity, and incredible architecture. It is a city of soaring skyscrapers and Art-Decco details side by side.  If it wasn't for the winters, I'd try to transfer there.

Why do I go and not talk about it until I am home, so I am not telling the world,  NO ONE IS HOME AT MY HOUSE TODAY.  I tell you I was gone, when I get back.

Post script:
In answer to Anne Marrie:
The "Premiere Retail Space" in rump tower appears to still be mostly empty,  I am sure the locals would love to take the sign down.

J and I went to the Billy Goat under Michigan Avenue once, many years ago.  The service was so rude it brought on a panic attack in at least one of us, it may be the only time we both had a panic attack at the same time. I like a good show, but this was mean and stupid. Not worth it.

It was reassuring to travel again.  The body scanners were not an issue, we will see how I do in the metal detectors, I have just been approved for Global Entry, so I will get Pre-Check most of the time in the future- and Pre-Check uses metal detectors at most airports.  I am still getting conflicting answers on if the titanium in my spine will set off the metal detectors. From what I have read, it will if they used stainless steel screws.  I walked enough to find my limits, that is good, I need to find them to stretch them.  I am sleeping better and that really helps.  It was a much easier trip then Hawaii - I think the adventure is back on track, I just need to watch how much time I spend on my feet and knees.


  1. yep, chicago winters are NOT for the faint-of-heart. but other than that, the city is FABU!

    I see you took a pix of something (t)rump; may it fall into bankruptcy!

    did you visit the billy goat tavern under the michigan avenue bridge?

    and how did it feel to travel again after the surgery? did you get stopped by the TSA at the airport? inquiring minds wanna know!

  2. David i ve only been to ohare and not to the city.... It stresses me out thinking about the airport as our plane overshot the runway x

  3. My titanium wrist is no issue. Seven pins and screws. Been through multiple metal detectors and scanners. Meh. Nothing.

    I love Chicago! Been there 3 times. Once on work, twice on pleasure. The two pleasure trips I met friends who showed me the Chicago tourists don't see. I loved it!

    Peace <3

    1. There are some interesting things to see in Chicago. We have been there Memorial Day weekend several times.

  4. I lived in Chicago from 1988-2000. I liked the place, but Feb/March were rather tedious.

  5. David,
    Chicago is on my Bucket List (Pat's too). Never been there but would love to visit. Bill worked on the Sears Tower. Has told me the story many times what it was like at the very top. I'm glad your on the go again. Same here. I still have a slight limp but I'm walking and for that I'm grateful.