Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bring Me Their Heads!

Ever have one of those moments when you just wanted some idiots head on a platter?  I have.  I occasionally rant about such things.

I vented on Facebook recently about the following adventure in accounting:
               In March my office manager and I went and asked the accounting department how to handle a particular budget item on a project that was wrapping up the end of May.  They gave an answer that didn't make sense, but - hey they are the experts so we proceeded based on their advice.  We went back this week to ask if they had been able to do the accounting gymnastics that they told us they could, and the answer was, "No, that can't be done."  We have gone around on this a couple of times trying not to lose to the bad advice enough money to buy a small car and it has proven difficult.  In the end we have agreed to walk away from $4,000.

Then came the kicker, one of the accounting people said, "you should have known the rules, when we gave you bad advice, you should have known it was wrong, and not followed it."

I wanted her head on a platter.  Maybe this lady on the Metro can help. (It is a manikin with a wig, she is a student at one of the top hair styling schools in the country.)

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  1. WTeverlovinF????? you're not an accountant! you would expect accountants to know the rules! bitchslap that person repeatedly!