Friday, August 21, 2015

North Shore

It is a complicated drive from Honolulu to the north shore.  You can cut across the center of the island, through urban sprawl and farms.  I took the long way around, driving along the coast.  Lots of stop and go, narrow roads and more than a few odd turns.  I didn't have Ms Garmin with me, the map from the rental car place was more interested in directing me to advertisers, then helping me find my way around the island.  I used the GPS on my phone to find where I was at a couple of times.  I don't find my phone an effective navigation device, the screen is too small, goes black to easily and the phone is hard to see while I am driving.

It was so worth the drive. The water changes color, the surf gets bigger.  It was spectacular.


  1. SWEET!!

    Peace <3

  2. Hi David, So you're in Hawai'i huh? I've taken that drive all the way around the island on hwy 83 a couple of times. Started out from Wahiawa up Hwy99 to Haleiwa to Kahuku down to Kailua. And cross the Koolua's. on the Pali of Likelike Hwy. If you couldn't tell I lived there for two years stationed at Hickam AFB. Back then I didn't have a GPS either. lol.

    1. Hi Randy, I was there in February, my postings are not always tied to where I am and what I am doing at the moment. This one was created a scheduled for posting 10 days ago.