Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Easy to Spot in a Crowd

I needed a new small bag, and I spotted this, hey it is hard to miss in bright yellow.  I used it on a recent trip, and because I get free checked bags on a couple of airlines and I am trying not to lift when I don't have to, I checked it coming and going to Chicago.  Talk about easy to spot at baggage claim. This one stand out like a canary in a field of ravens.

It is well made, it is the first piece of Travel-Pro I have owned.  I have shied away from the hard-side cases with the zipper in the middle, because when you open them they take up a lot of space, in this 20 inch size it works.  Time will tell how durable it is.  


  1. now all it needs is a rainbow strap!

  2. I check a bright red Tumi hard side when I travel. So much easier to spot in the crowd of baggage claim.

  3. I always do something to make mine noticeable on the carousel. I thought above radiation symbols or biohazard meatballs on my last trip, but decided on neon orange duct tape around it!

    Peace <3

  4. Mine are bright red for the same reason.