Monday, August 10, 2015


When was the last time I paused and looked at what was really happening around me?  At home, work and life tend to fill my days with near non-stop movement.  When I travel there is always the next site, the next flight, the next hotel, and oh-my, time to head home.  What I need to do is stop and let what is around me sink in.  I sit here six months later and look at this picture of the sun setting (or was it rising) on Kauai in Hawaii last February.  I don't think when I took the picture I realized what an amazing place I was in the middle of.  Each day as the sun sets, I need to take a minute and think about where I am and how I got here, I need to hit the pause button for a minute.


  1. David
    You have experienced a near death experience recentky and bounced back rather too quickly...the mind needs to catch up stlowly with the events of this year

  2. quite sensible of you to do so.