Tuesday, February 20, 2018

One Year

One year ago tonight, my mother's grand adventure came to an end.  I have learned a lot about myself in the past year, my strengths and my weaknesses.  I have learned that no two people experience loss in the same way.  The importance of taking time and taking care of yourself.  

Get out and enjoy the adventure of your life, it will come to an end someday.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day!  Love some of them, not like some of them, 45 men (yes all men up to this point) have held the office of President, chief executive officer of the executive branch of the US government, commander in chief.  

There have been a few remarkable leaders, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Rosevelt, and a few embarrassments.  

I live just a few miles north of George Washington's Mt Vernon estate, on top of a hill top that George surveyed.  

Who will be our next great leader? 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Picky Eaters

This one is easy, I will and have eaten about everything, my score is a 0, yours?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Winter or Summer?

I was born in the cold, cold north, but came of age in the warm, warm south.  While the first snow fall has a magic about it, the novelty wears off in a hurry and I yearn for the warm and easy days of summer.  I am a summer person.  Winter brings opportunities for indoor sports, for long slow cooked dishes (soups, stews, roasts.) But I do look forward to the sun.  

Are you a winter or a summer person? 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  Welcome to the year of the dog.  My law student (LLM student at Georgetown) asked for the day off.  Of course I said yes.  

Why don't we have flexible holidays to recognize that we don't all celebrate or observe the same holidays?  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

40- Years Of Magic

An impromptu and added post.  Today marks my middle brother's 40th anniversary of working at Walt Disney World in Florida.  It seems like only yesterday that he started there, excited at the adventure of working in the "happiest place on earth."  Disney has been good to him.  His working there has given me access to behind the scenes parts of Disney, Private Parties in the Magic Kingdom, Construction Tours of EPCOT and being invited to a pre-opening opening of EPCOT.  Lots of adventures.  He says he is going to work until he is 70, a few years left to go. 

Five Great Work Trips

I am about to start another busy year of work trips.  Many of them are work, just work, and not always to places I really wanted to go, but I go with the flow and look for the adventure.  But once in a while, I get to go someplace fantastic.  Hence my top five work trips. 

1: Hawaii.  The schedule was grueling, five 12+ hour days in a row, in paradise.  
2: Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.  It helps that it was in October and the mountains were spectacular.  The program was short, the audience unconvinced, the venue was grand, but my reservation was lost and I ended up in an okay place across the street.  
3: Browning, Montana.  We stayed in East Glacier, literally across the street from the east entrance to Glacier National Park.  I had a free day to explore the Park, it was in mid-May before things really opened up and before the tourists arrived (the high mountain road through the park was still not open for the summer.) The work was on the Blackfoot reservation and the hosts were wonderful.  
4: Anchorage, Alaska.  I went in a day early and went "Flightseeing" to Mt. McKinley, I had a reindeer dog downtown for lunch. It was a fantastic work trip.  
5: San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The program was at a great hotel on the water, in the nicest part of town, the hosts were wonderful, very welcoming and accommodating.  My only experience working with live translators.  

Tell us about your favorite work trip? 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day

Live, Love and Laugh with all your heart.  When you find that special someone, nothing else matters.