Sunday, May 27, 2018

Capturing the perfect Pizza - the Sunday Five

I have had Pizza in Pisa, a slice in New York, a Chicago style deep dish (a dozen times, Lou Malnati's is the best in my humble opinion.) I went to what was jokingly called the Poppa Johns School of Law - the owner of that pizza chain built the University a new football stadium while I was there.  I make a decent pizza at home (dough from scratch,  easy on the tomato sauce, good cheese, sausage, pepperoni, and a very-very hot oven.)   Five questions?

1: Anchovies? Yes or No
2: Better reheated or cold?
3: Pineapple? Yes or No
4: Have you ever had pizza with an egg on it? 
5: Who makes the worst Pizza? 

My Answers: 
1: Anchovies? Yes I can take them or leave them, if they are done right you can't find them to pick them off. 
2: Better reheated or cold?  Cold, I hate fast food places that reheat cold Pizza, and they never give an option of cold. 
3: Pineapple? Only under special circumstances
4: Have you ever had pizza with an egg on it? Yes, 
5: Who makes the worst Pizza? Pizza Hut - despite the name - not the best. 

Your answers in the comments! 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Orleans Originals

I first went to New Orleans in 1984, to visit the World's Fair.  I was living in Florida, driving a Renault LeCar (it had a canvass sunroof and the coldest air conditioning on earth.) I drove to NOLA, spent a couple of nights in a Holiday Inn in the French Quarter, visited the exhibition.  In two days, I really hadn't had any really good food - in a city famous for great food.  I took a horse drawn carriage tour, and the driver pointed out all of the best places to eat, including Cafe-Du-Monde in the French Market and Brennan's. He said Brennan's had the best breakfast in town.  The next morning I had the best breakfast in the world, at Brennans.  The secret to good food in New Orleans, is skip the chains, and go with the locals.  

I have been back four times, and I have found incredible food four times.  New Orleans is one of the great food cities in the world.  

On that first trip I bought a print of Antoines Restaurant.  I have tried over the years to get in, but they were always booked.  This tip I made reservations in advance.  I was not disappointed. 
The Wine Cellar at Antoine's. 

What is your favorite food city? 

Friday, May 25, 2018

If this is Friday, how can I be home?

It is a crazy travel cycle, this is the first Friday in May, that I have been home.  I will be on the road two Fridays in June.  Then I am home, well only one trip in July, and one in August.  I have spent a lot of time above the clouds, been in a three of my favorite cities. 

Time at home, between the trips tends to become catch up time, trying to get ready for the next run, trying to keep everything in the office working.  At some point I clicked a box for a higher level of security on my travel computer (a Chrome Book.) It is now fussy about what WiFi network it will connect to, and of course I have no idea how to un-click the box I clicked so long ago.  This results in less work being done while on the road, it is nice to have the excuse of my security settings are incompatible with open WiFi, but still work is delayed.  I need to write a presentation for Toronto, they emailed me a reminder that they would like by today.  

Thursday, May 24, 2018

English - a strange language

For most of us in our personal lives a "High Water Mark"is a peak achievement,  the attainment of one of the grand adventures in life.  For a building, nearly a mile from the Ohio River, the "High Water Mark" if the sign of a tragedy, a massive flood.  Quick research shows the river crested at 85 feet above normal in late January of 1937, the result of 20 inches of rain and ice in the river. 70% of the buildings in Louisville flooded.  In the three years I spent in Louisville in graduate school, I saw the river flood a couple of times, one morning there were cars in a parking lot, on the way home that afternoon the cars were floating downstream, but I never saw anything like 1937. 

So a high water mark can be good, or bad, a strange language.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I was in Louisville, Kentucky recently to speak at a conference.  It was a quick trip, 26 hours on the ground.  I had a very good breakfast with a professor from the law school.  I got to be a national expert on one of my favorite topics.  All in all a good trip, flashbacks and all. 

On the way down 4th Street to dinner I passed the Palace Theater.  My law school graduation ceremony was at the Palace 19 years ago this month.  I have vague memories of it, vague not for the usual reason of the passage of time, or a hangover, like the one from from my college graduation a few years earlier (Professor Levis ordered a second case of Champagne at the honors reception the evening before, he was a trust fund baby, it was really good Champagne, we couldn't let it go to waste)  I have a vague memory of my law school graduation because I was stressed out to the max.  For the first time, my family and Jay's family were in the same place at the same time.  And I decided that I would be a control freak and do all of the cooking for 20 people for two days.  I was a mess.  One of my classmates asked me if I was stoned - I could barely remember my name.  

There is one memory I want to keep from that day, every class has that student that you all wonder "how did he get in, and how on earth did he pass."  I don't remember his name, and besides we want to protect the guilty party, so we will call him "Patrick."  As "Patrick" stepped forward to receive his diploma, Brad Goheen leaned over and whispered in my ear, "kind of cheapens the whole thing."  I started to convulse with laughter.  On the third or forth try "Patrick" finally passed a bar exam, the last update I saw on him, he was CEO of a drug company in New Jersey - probably making more money than the rest of the class put together.  

Brad, had a near photographic memory and an inoperable brain tumor. A few years after law school he called the police to report a dead body in the middle of an intersection and shot himself in the head - such a terrible loss.  I prefer to remember him making me laugh when I really needed it.  

What place gives you flashbacks? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Celebrity Chefs 2nd edition

I was looking for an interesting early dinner in downtown Louisville.  I thought about grabbing a taxi out to Masterson's, a local haunt across the University, but settled on walking to 4th Street Live.  The Maker's Mark restaurant is long gone.  Guy's Smokehouse was new.  

The 18 hours smoked brisket was good, Blue Door Smokehouse in Lexington is better.  The fries were well crisped and nice and salty.  The roasted Brussels Sprouts with bacon and parmesan cheese were good, if a little under cooked.  The drink was called a history lesson, apparently in history they watered the drinks down.  Despite some initial confusion about whose table it was, the service was good.  

No sign of Guy, but that is to be expected.  

When I am back there, should I give the place a second try?  

Monday, May 21, 2018


Home is where the heart is, it is where we go for a pause between adventures.  For me, home is a condo, on the third floor of one of the high-rises sticking out of the trees on top of the hill.  The Condo makes traveling easier, I don't have to concern myself with mowing grass, or shoveling snow.  My mail is in a locked box in the lobby, we have front gate security, and locked outside doors - giving us  perimeter of security. I have close neighbors who look out for one another.   

Where is home for you?