Saturday, June 24, 2017

Julia Child

The Unabomer's cabin is in the Newseum, Thomas Edison's workshop is at Greenfield Village, Julia Child's Kitchen is in the Smithsonian.  I have seen two of these three.  Moment's in history, picked up and moved, preserved for people to see.  

Julia was innovative in testing recipes, and describing technique.  She was one of the first to emphasize the method as being just as important as the ingredients. Once I master technique, I can make anything, and change any list of ingredients to make almost anything I want.  I would have loved to have spent afternoon cooking with her.  She invited us into her kitchen on television, and you can still visit her kitchen today.  

Edison's workshop was home to great moments in technology.  His friend Henry Ford had it moved to preserve it.  

Someday I will go to the Newseaum to see the home of madman. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Drinking with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has a new television show, a cooking show, with Snoop Dog.  Apparently they are friends.  They certainly seem to be having fun.  

I was channel surfing, you know, 249 channels of cable TV, and nothing really great to watch, and I stumbled across Martha and Snoop, engaged in a friendly competition to see who could make the best fried chicken, the person whose best subject in high school was calculus, or the person who has been struck by lightening three times - and has lived to tell about it.  

Martha remarked that the chicken she was cooking came from a farm just down the road. Someone asked if she still kept chickens at her home, and she said yes.  The next question was "well don't you just kill your own chickens."  She said she has.  The next question was do you shoot them.  Her answer was no, she gives them vodka to drink and then cuts their heads off.  A quick tip, if you are hanging out with Martha and she starts pouring vodka for you, WATCH OUT!  Not surprising for a woman who has been struck by lightening three times.  Yep, Snoop's best subject in High School was calculus - you never know.  

Would you hang out and cook with Martha? 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

One of the Last Rides

One morning recently I boarded car 1019, of the Metro rail system.  1019 was the 19th car, in the original series of Metro cars put into service over 40 years ago.  The interiors were done to be a modern family room (minus the shag carpet) on the rails.  The seats are soft, the lighting warm and soft.  This is one of the few of the original cars still in service, and this will be one of the last rides on one.  The cars are being taken out of service and scrapped.  The cars are at the point of needing a major rebuild, and the design is inherently unsafe in a collision. Replacement is less expensive than the fix - so they are going away.  Hauled off the Baltimore one at a time and cut up for scrap.  If Metro meets the schedule - fat chance of that Metro seldom does anything on schedule - all of the 1000 series cars will be out of service by the first of July.  I will miss them.  They were always very comfortable.  

What is going away near you, that you will miss?  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pigs and Chickens and Ducks!

I grew up in the country, on a funny farm,  in the midst of real farms.  It is a part of who I am.  For years I said that someday I was going to buy a few acres in the country and raise a huge garden, and raise pigs and chickens and ducks.  Then I realized how much physical labor that would be, and I kind of changed my tune.  I  now know that I am not physically able to do what needs to be done to make a garden look like the one above.  I still love the look, but I need someone else to do the work.  

Would you move to 10 acres and raise pigs and chickens and ducks? 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We didn't have a phone in the house until I was 8.  My grandparents had a phone around the corner, my parents didn't see the need for a phone, until a blizzard one winter - while my father was off on an adventure and mom was home alone with four kids.  Then the phone was rotary dial, and on a party line.  My family was never big on talking on the phone.  

In a major way, I am glad I grew up before cell phones.  We were out at the Udvar-Hazy on fathers day.  We stopped for lunch and I was struck by the young fathers, out for the day with their child, glued to their phones.  I grew up before that distraction.  My parents were not helicopter parents, but when they spent time with me, they spent time with me, not dividing time between me and their phone.  I wanted to say something like, "pay attention to your kid, they will only be young once, someday you will not be there for them, wouldn't it be wonderful for them to remember you being attentive, when you spent time together."  

I came home and called my father.  I listened to what is happening in his life and I told him about what is happening in my life.  Some day too soon, I won't be able to do that.  Quality time, one on one attention while we can.  

When do you turn your phone off? 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mt Vernon

The first outing with the new camera, was to Mt Vernon. My condo sits on a hill surveyed by George Washington. The Mt Vernon Estate is about a 8 miles away.  It is always fun, we went early on a Sunday morning.  

This year's lambs are growing up fast. 

The hot house and upper garden are looking the best ever. 

I am not sure what this is, but I like the way the sunlight makes it come alive. 

The verdict on the new camera?  I am in love.  I still have some learning, it is the most elaborate camera I have ever used.  I like the very rapid shutter response. Cameras and lenses are lighter in weight and easier to carry than back in the good old days. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Have a Seat - Sunday Five

  1. Leather of fabric upholstery? 
  2. Recliner or wing-back chair? 
  3. Bar Stool or Bench? 
  4. Back to the wall or back to the room?
  5. How old are your dinning room chairs? 
My answers: 

  1. Leather of fabric upholstery? - I have grown to like leather seating surfaces.  
  2. Recliner or wing-back chair? - I like the comfort of my recliner
  3. Bar Stool or Bench? - Bar Stool 
  4. Back to the wall or back to the room? - either, I have a friend who always has to have his back to the wall - so he can't be attacked from behind. 
  5. How old are your dinning room chairs? 90 years old, the chairs are from the first real furniture my paternal grandparents owned when they were married in August of 1927. 
Your answers?