Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Five: Coffee, Tea or Me?

We have reached the point in life, where we are hard to buy gifts for, so when Jay mentioned that maybe it was time for a new coffee maker, I jumped at the opportunity.  It is nice, it is a little slower than what we were using before.  

This weeks Sunday Five, 
1: In the morning do you drink coffee, tea, or other? 
2: Hot, cold, or whatever? 
3: Milk or cream?
4: Starbucks or other? 
5: Sugar, artificial sweetener, or none? 

My answers: 
1: In the morning do you drink coffee, tea, or other? Coffee
2: Hot, cold, or whatever? Iced
3: Milk or cream? Cream if anything, usually none. 
4: Starbucks or other? Starbucks is fine, but we usually have better at home. 
5: Sugar, artificial sweetener, or none? Usually black, if I am adding cream, then sugar.  

Please share your answers in the comments. 


  1. 1: coffee

    2: hot

    3: milk

    4: RTG blends starbucks house blend with "cheap coffee" (like folgers); on mondays, it's strictly str8 starbucks house blend cause mondays suck

    5: sweet-n-low

    1. Life is too short for cheap coffee

  2. Nothing wrong with slow brewed it is meant to be for the best flavor. If your a coffee snob, and I am...slow brew is best and how it is meant to be. My process is even slower.

    1: In the morning do you drink coffee, tea, or other? coffee
    2: Hot, cold, or whatever? hot...but ice coffee in the summer.
    3: Milk or cream? cream
    4: Starbucks or other? other
    5: Sugar, artificial sweetener, or none? sugar.

    Now Im going back into my rabbit hole for a few more weeks..

    1. Have more coffee and stay out with us, we miss you!

  3. 1. Instant coffee.
    2. Hot but times becomes lukewarm.
    3. Black coffee.
    4. Starbucks' coffee is awful compared to what we drink here at cafes.
    5. Good coffee does not need an addition of sweetners.

    1. The rest of the world, fails to understand the British people's' embrace of instant coffee.

  4. First of all, I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! Maddie's shacking up with a rabbit! And bragging about it! Weeks?!

    1. Coffee, since I was 12.
    2. Hot!
    3. Sugar free creamer. French vanilla mostly.
    4. I don't drink coffee at Starbucks or anyplace that specializes. At home, I make my own half-caff with Folgers Black Silk and Starbucks decaf. Or Peets decaf. I kind of miss Hills Brothers coffee.
    5. Splenda.

    1. I bet some of the shacks that Maddie has been in, would truly shock.

  5. 1: In the morning do you drink coffee, tea, or other? Coffee (concentrate from cold-press method)
    2: Hot, cold, or whatever? Hot, always; one cup a day
    3: Milk or cream? never
    4: Starbucks or other? at home, never had Starbucks
    5: Sugar, artificial sweetener, or none? none, black only

    1. Jay buys the coffee, and has become somewhat of a snob about finding good stuff, I make it very-very-very strong.

  6. 1. Morning -- coffee.
    2. Hot
    3. Cream
    4. Home brewed
    5. No sugar

  7. Yes finally after a week! I think I fixed the comments.
    Tea! no sugar ever, but occ. some milk.

    1. One tea drinker, good to hear from you.

  8. This weeks Sunday Five,
    1: In the morning do you drink coffee, tea, or other? Coffee. Used to be tea with milk but I made the switch a long time ago and can’t remember when.
    2: Hot, cold, or whatever? Iced much of the time lately.
    3: Milk or cream? Steamed milk (café con leche)
    4: Starbucks or other? Usually in a non-chain café.
    5: Sugar, artificial sweetener, or none? None

    1. You have so many great options within walking distance, heaven,