Thursday, June 27, 2019


I remember the night that Richard Nixon announced his resignation.  I cried.  And it all began in the buildings above, with a bungled second rate burglary of the Democrat's Presidential Campaign headquarters.  A breaking and entering that yielded nothing worth having, an illegal act that was then covered up.  It was the cover up that destroyed him. Year's later Martha Stewart lied about receiving and trading stock on insider information.  She went to prison not for the stock trades (that were illegal) but for trying to cover up her indiscretion.  Bill Clinton was dragged through hell, over lying about a blow job.  All too often, it is the cover up, more than the initial act, that gets people in trouble.  

There may have been "no collusion," the problems are with the acts trying to interfere with the investigation. Obstruction of justice is a crime, just ask Martha.    


  1. Watergate was a jaywalking offence compared to what's going on in Washington now.

  2. Watergate was a walk in the park considering what this administration has gotten away with. Such strange times.