Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Model T Ride

My paternal Grandfather worked at Fords, as a true Michigander would describe working for the Ford Motor Company, for about 35 years.  He was a "job setter."  He installed and adjusted the grinding wheels on machines that finished the surfaces on gears for differentials and transmissions.  He described the machines as "being the size of a house." He left Ford, a year before the hourly workers pension plan was started - moved the farm to do what he wanted to do and seldom looked back.  

Recently Jay and I took a ride in the back seat of a 1929 Ford, it was built at the Rouge plant in Detroit, odds are my Grandfather worked on some of the parts that are still moving it down the street.  

A neat connection with my family past. 


  1. how was the ride? not near as smooth as today's cars, I bet.

    one of my grandmother's brothers worked for baldwin steam locomotives back in the day. whenever I ride a train pulled by a baldwin, I often wonder if my relative helped build it.

  2. Sometimes I swear he deliberately takes a pic with him looking handsome and me with my mouth open.