Sunday, June 02, 2019

Sunday Five - Would You Try It?

I mentioned the meat market over in DelRay on recently.  It carries a wide variety of high quality meats, with full butcher service.  They also carry some exotics, hence this weeks Sunday five, would you try it?

1: Farm Raised Kangaroo? 
2: Python? 
3: Alligator? 
4: Horse?
5: Seal?
5.1: Whale?  

My answers: 
I will try anything, I have never had Kangaroo or Python (any ground snake for that matter.) Gator is good, it tends to be tough.  Horse you can get in France and Italy.  There is a native restaurant in Toronto that has a special license to serve seal, kind of dry. For 5.1, go to Iceland or Japan.  It does not taste like chicken. 

Your answers in the comments. 


  1. As long as it isn't fish and someone knows how to prepare it, I'll at least taste it.

  2. nope, no way, no how, no mas!

  3. I'd have to be in JUST the right mood. I'm not as adventurous as I used to be.

  4. Just heard the debate of uk buying American chlorinated chicken! Omg

  5. Nope to any of them. We have enough to eat already without killing and consuming other animals. Humans are becoming to consuming.

    1. Aw, c'mon Maddie! "Save a Cow Eat a Python" sung by Small & Poor.

  6. No, no, no to all!!!! Not an adventuresome eater. My father said he tried rattlesnake once--said it tasted like chicken. He also ate sheep's eyeball's once in a bedouin's tent in Egypt in 1968--they were presented to him as the guest of honor--some honor.

  7. Kangaroo is too lean.
    I've had crocodile - no alligators here in Oz. As I recall it was okay, but no, not like chicken.
    I had horse in Holland - yuck!
    And never in a million years will I willingly taste whale!

  8. no thank you for me neither.