Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday

Look at this spectacular museum piece, a mid-70's Chrysler Newport. Either this one was needlessly restored, or it was never driven, the bottoms of the fenders are not rusted out and full of holes. The scrap metal alone must be worth $50.   

My father had one in a brown metallic paint.  I took my driving test in it.  It was a massive beast, the best part of driving it was it had air conditioning, the first car my father owned with air-con.  My father insisted it had to be backed into the garage, until I knocked over the furnace with it, then it was okay if I pulled in forward and backed out.  

In 1977 dad bought his first new Buick, the first in a long line.  As I recall he gave the Chrysler to my sister - funny I thought he liked her.  

Ever driven a beast the size of this?  


  1. I learned on a 1969 4-door Chevy Impala. In NYC. Dear god. I guess my father figured he wouldn’t keep it much longer. I actually only scraped a side once... and never told him.

  2. my sperm donor had a 68 camaro; I learned to drive on that. then, in the summer of 71, I took a driving course at the local public high school (I was in catlick school, none of that frivolous junk there). I took my road test in a 71 chevy impala, as big as that monster you picture. I passed first try.

    the more important question is - how many bodies could you hide in that trunk?

  3. No, never -- I've always driven small cars.

  4. Does a brand spanking new 1979 Impala station wagon count? I got my driver's license in it. Nearly ran into a semi while trying to merge onto the freeway as I motored my way to the DMV. Good times.

  5. dear me no I guess they were before my time.