Monday, June 24, 2019

Around, and Around and Around I Go

A good thing happened on Friday morning, I woke up.  It is always a good sign to wake up and still be alive.  Then a bad thing happened, I rolled over and thought to myself, "time to get up and drag myself through more of this shit."  

I will explain in coming posts, but my normal pleasant commuting routine has become a summer nightmare, the subway system has closed a bunch of stations for rebuilding this summer.  In short my morning commute has gone from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, my afternoon commute from 45 minutes to 90-120 minutes (it took me over two hours to get home Friday night, it is only 9 miles, a fit man could walk it faster.) That hell will continue through September 8. 

I have been crazy busy in the office, though I am down to only one behind schedule project.  Not unusual for me to be busy.  I am working on some exciting cutting edge concepts that could make a real difference in our older-old age.  

Dreading the day, is really unusual for me, for a decade I have rolled out of bed in the morning excited about another day of doing interesting things.  Enthusiasm, and a belief in the work I do, has carried me through the challenges of the past.  I need that to come back.   

Sorry about the downer post, I guess it comes around to all of us sooner or later. 


  1. oh man, that is just FUCKED UP! empathy for you, dear.

  2. Oh I feel for you. Closings began when we were there last summer and I thought it was going to be horrible for commuters. It sounds worse than I imagined. Wish I could make it better!

  3. On the plus side, does the longer commute give you more time to read? I hope there's a silver lining for you somewhere!