Saturday, June 15, 2019

McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas, first made famous by the DC-3, later the DC series of commercial jets, there are still a lot of MD-80s flying out there.  McDonnell Douglas also built military planes - and other defense products.  My parents retired for the first time in their 50's, younger than I am now.  After a year or so, they became restless, my father worried that he didn't have enough money, and they both went back to work.  My mother worked retail for a few years, my father went to work for McDonnell Douglas in purchasing, buying parts in a plant the assembled cruise missiles.  He worked there almost a decade, drew a small pension from them for the rest of his life.  

Amazing the things that draw connections like this.  


  1. IIRC, MD-80s had an engine in the tail. probably built better than most planes today (throws a stink eye at boeing).

  2. I love your love and enthusiasm for all things related to planes and flying.